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Torque 3D is a video game creation tool that allows you to pass through practically every stage in a games development. You can create your own adventure from scratch, designing each and every one of its features, before publishing it on the Internet.

Torque 3D contains various different tools. The world editor for example, gives us the chance to create huge three dimensional scenes from scratch. You have to add all the materials and textures that make up the new world yourself, but the control system is intuitive enough to make the system fairly easy to work with.

Torque 3D also has much to offer with regards to 3D character modelling. It not only allows you to create and import projects, but it is also specially designed to recreate and display human arms in the first person, something that will enhance any FPS.

On top of all this, Torque 3D includes tools to work with in the game physics using Nvdia Physx technology. By doing so, it is possible to apply real world physics to solid or moving objects, or to create destructible elements that can be affected by the impact of other objects in your virtual world.

Another key ingredient for all modern games is lighting. The program offers a huge range of possibilities when applying your different lighting effects and by providing both basic and advanced effects, you are not limited by your prior knowledge, but you can instead realize everything you want in the game.

Once your game is fully developed (something that is not generally accomplished in only a few hours), you just have to publish it. Torque 3D also comes with an inbuilt tool to help allowing you to publish your games on platforms such as Kongregate, Facebook and BigFish.

Torque 3D is one of the most complete game creation engines on the market. The quality and quantity of its features is overwhelming and the chance to carry out the entire process of creating a game in one tool makes it a unique application.

Torque 3D is distributed under the MIT license.

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